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Before the idea of Jandle sparked in founder, Jenna's mind, she found solace in coming home and lighting candles after a long day at the office. The tranquil feeling of relaxing in a dim room with a candle flickering on a surface beside you is unmatchable. At Jandle Candles, we strive to provide our clients with this type of serene experience while using high quality materials to create the candle of your dreams. Each Jandle is made with 100% soy wax and paraben-free aroma oils, offering a plethora of scents with new additions arriving each season. 

Jandle Candles is named in honor of Jenna's aunt, Janice DeMilia, an altruistic woman who had a deep love for vanilla fragrances, which was ironically our first scent that we perfected in 2018. Her legacy lives on through each and every Jandle illuminated.


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